About Us

Communities First aims to contribute, in partnership with other organisations, to narrowing the education/skills, economic and health gaps between Wales’s most deprived and more affluent areas.

Following realignment in April 2012, Communities First is a Community Focussed Programme that supports the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty agenda.  The programme builds on the achievements of Communities First since its launch in 2001.  With the aim of contributing to alleviating persistent poverty it supports the people in communities facing the most challenge and hardship.

STAR is funded by the Welsh Government to employ a Communities First staff team to work with residents, community organisations, business and other key agencies across the Cardiff South Cluster (Splott, Tremorfa, Adamsdown, Roath).  The programme will focus on actions leading to the long term sustainability and wellbeing of communities. Involving local people in all aspects of this work is an essential feature of the programme.

To ensure the programme is successful our work has been broken down into three outcomes:

Prosperous Communities (Money) – To reduce inequalities in income and opportunity, ensuring people have access to the resources needed to provide for themselves and their families and to improve their life chances.

To deliver this Outcome CF will support projects that:

  1. Help people to develop employment skills and find work
  2. Promote digital inclusion
  3. Improve financial capability, managing debt and raising income.
  4. Support Enterprise and Timebanking building social capital
  5. Reduce Youth Unemployment and disengagement

Learning Communities (Learning) To promote a culture of learning within our communities where everyone regardless of age or ability is encouraged to recognise their own potential and is supported to reach it.

To deliver this Outcome CF will support projects that:

  1. Support young people to do well at school
  2. Support families to be engaged in their children’s education
  3. Deliver Lifelong Learning in Communities
  4. Improve Adult Life Skills

Healthier Communities (Health) – Improved health and wellbeing for all, with the pace of improvement increasing in proportion to the level of disadvantage.

To deliver this Outcome CF will support projects that:

  1. Promote Physical Wellbeing
  2. Encourage healthy eating
  3. Reduce Risks
  4. Support People to live in the community